CNC classes come to the Galloup School curriculum

How to use new technology in a small shop
The Galloup School is offering classes in how to integrate a CNC machine into a small shop.

The CNC (computer numerical controlled) router is becoming affordable, even for small businesses, and exciting new software is more user friendly than programs of the past. For the last year, Bryan Galloup has been programming and setting up a CNC system to demonstrate how this technology creates real possibilities for anyone with a basic background in computers and woodworking.

The class covers the process of introducing this system into a shop, taking hundreds of hours off the learning curve (which keeps thousands of dollars in your pocket). We look at currently available systems and learn what to consider when purchasing a CNC. Tooling and vacuum jigs are big part of the system, and this class shows you how to get them right the first time.

After carefully testing a wide variety of software options, Bryan has selected a system that is well suited to students learning this exciting new technology.