Galloup Great Lakes model
Thanks to Robin Weber of the Guitar Gallery ( for this great idea! Her “guitars4troops” project sends instruments, snacks and personal items to the soldiers in Task Force Hammer in Afghanistan. Her contact, Sgt. Bob, passes the goods out among this unit and others in Afghanistan.

Recently Bryan Galloup donated a Great Lakes guitar hand-built in the Galloup shop. Robin sent it to Sgt. Bob, and received this note:


The Great Lakes showed up today!!! *That is a beautiful piece of work! *I didn’t even touch it… *I opened the box. *Handed it to Lee (the Commander) and he played it for nearly an hour. *Like seeing a kid in a candy store! *He plays very well and played some classics and a very nice James Taylor song. *His grin was so big I thought his head was going to fall off! *Thank Mr. Galloup for this wonderful gift.

You guys are *stars in Afghanistan!!!

Thank you again, sooo much!