Dan Erlewine’s repair seminars at the Galloup School

Dan Erlewine visits the Galloup School to teach special weekend intensives on repair techniques. Join us for jam-packed weekend of learning the next time Dan’s in town!

Dan’s made a career of teaching lutherie in videos, books and magazines. He’s a lot of fun and he’s got a lot of knowledge to share. Contact us to see when the next seminar is scheduled, and sign up early.


Here are some topics covered in two of Dan’s previous Galloup School seminars:

Structural Acoustic Guitar Repair Workshop

  • Evaluating the work, making a repair estimate, and selling the customer
  • Time allotment per the job
  • Removing a bridge
  • Making a bridge
  • Locating the bridge for regluing
  • Cutting a saddle slot for correct intonation
  • Inspecting and cleaning a guitar on the inside
  • Cleaning and regluing braces
  • Removing, replacing, (and plugging) bridge pads
  • Gluing & clamping techniques for braces, cracks, and fractures
  • Using hot hide glue
  • Splinting cracks with wood
  • Talking money& per-hour charges, bench fees, “free estimates” and learning how to charge for your work

Touchup & Finish Repair Workshop

  • Mixing colors
  • Using solvents, stain, and pigment by brush
  • “Hiding” repairs & graining
  • Air-brushing basics and what to buy
  • Blending-in old finish to new
  • Mixing and using shellac
  • French-polishing
  • Spraying shellac
  • Coloring shellac
  • Shellac touchups by hand with a brush
  • Drop-filling, leveling, buffing
  • Coloring epoxy