About the Galloup School
To become a professional luthier, choose training that’s grounded in the working world of guitarmaking and repair. Our school is based on the success of our repair and guitarmaking businesses. Our classrooms share the same building where our Galloup Guitars are built, and where the Guitar Hospital does all of it’s instrument repairs.

A school dedicated to full-time teaching
Ours is a carefully-planned program where you’ll start from scratch by learning the basics. You’ll also build instruments designed by Bryan Galloup specifically to teach and challenge you. These are not easy guitars to build, but we’ll prepare you for each step in the process with clearly focused classwork. Our team of instructors, Bryan Galloup, Sam Guidry, Dave Scotto, and Zack Balwinski have a talent for teaching both beginners and experienced students.

From the basics to the business plan
We have three main programs: our Master Program (24 weeks), our Journeyman Program (8 weeks), and our Technician Program (4 days). All teach more than wood working skills: we want you to have a practical education to use in earning a living, so we include information on setting up and managing your own guitar shop.

Your work will speak for itself
The instruments you build in our courses make a clear statement of the ground you’ve covered in guitarmaking. They are unique to Galloup Guitars, and no Galloup student carries away samples of work they didn’t accomplish on their own. This is our assurance to both you and to the guitar industry. Your workpieces are important introductions and statements of your commitment to your field.

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