Electric Guitar Building classes: set-neck guitar design

Classes are underway
The finishing touches have been put on our Set-neck Electric Guitar Building program, and these new classes are a hit. Students want building experience they can use in the field after graduating, and that’s what this new curriculum provides.

The key to this success is the guitar design: Bryan has customized the template to apply equally, whether you’re building single guitars or setting up for production runs. Students gain experience that will work for them in their home shop or at a job with a larger company.

Titus unloads tonewood that’s aged
for three years – the wood he used
for his guitar

“This building system is killer,” says Titus Duke who just completed the program. “It’s easy to understand, and everything falls into place perfectly. What I like best is that it uses regular hand routers so I can afford to build this way in my own shop. That’ll come in handy when I start my business.”

“I used mahogany for the back of the body, and flame maple stringers in the neck to accent the simple classic lines. The top is highly figured bookmatched flame maple – it came to life when I sprayed the vintage-style tobacco burst.”

In addition to the guitar building, Bryan has added pickup winding to the course so students are another step closer to a 100% scratch-build. “The guitar sounds amazing. The aged woods are lightweight, and it has a clear open tone – and nothing sounds better than hand-wound, “scatterwound” pickups,” says Tyler.