Set-neck Electric Guitar Building classes

New carved-top design, plus pickup winding, amp building
In Spring 2009 we added set-neck guitar building to our program. Our school’s focus has been on the demanding challenges of building acoustic instruments. By turning these skills to electrics, our students are creating truly outstanding electric guitars and basses.


Bryan has developed a method for building set-neck, carved-top electric instruments that fit well into the Galloup School curriculum. These techniques you’ll master are well suited to short-run production in small shop, and very profitable for the micro-builder.

Every student builds from scratch, using quality materials. The instruments echo the classic lines of some of the finest electric guitars ever made.

Master Program students now have the option of tailoring their studies to suit the business plan they’ll follow after they graduate. Electric Guitar Building is one of the electives they can choose for their course of study.

Pickup Winding and Amp Building

Pickup winding is also part of the Electric Guitar Building classes, putting the student one step closer to building 100% of a complete guitar. To further expand their learning and experience, every student will also hand-build their own guitar amplifier.

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