Galloup students building new classical guitar design

Negative neck set, lattice bracing, tuned side port.
Bryan Galloup’s new classical design is finalized and in use in the Master Program, and the students are getting great results. Over the past 12 months Bryan has redesigned the student classical. Starting from a traditional European design, he’s incorporated modern contemporary features that are relevant to today’s evolving market.


The new design includes a cantilevered neck, so the student can take advantage of a negative neck pitch. This offers a distinctly different string pull on the face of the guitar, improving volume, sustain and overtones.

Also included in the design is a strategically placed side port that is tuned to enhance low-end response. This complements the guitar’s custom lattice top bracing. (In other words, this isn’t just a hole in the side of the guitar!)


These are photos of our students’ work. They’re a typical example of what you can expect to scratch-build in your second guitarmaking project at the Galloup School.