BRYAN Galloup

Innovator and Industry Leader

About Bryan

Bryan has been repairing and making fretted musical instruments for over 40 years. As a musician, he quickly identified guitars that were noticeably better instruments which became the center of his focus. Through playing and repairing these outstanding examples laid the foundation for his understanding of what a world class instrument should be. Today, after decades as a Luthier and performer, Bryan’s understanding of the guitar market gives him an edge not many have. This is what he brings to the bench with every instrument he repairs, guitar he makes or student he teaches.

Repairs and Restoration

Bryan’s understanding of what the player is looking for made his shop a popular destination for players and collectors alike. After over 30 years of officially operating his shop, Galloup Guitars, tens of thousands of repairs have passed across Bryan’s bench. This depth is what customers are looking for in any Luthier and what Bryan offers to the industry.

Bryan’s Shop

If you visit Bryan’s shop it doesn’t take long to figure out that Galloup Guitars is a special place in the Guitar industry. Even though the shop has grown into an 11,000 square foot facility, the foundation is still an old school guitar shop where the player’s needs come first and the integrity of the instrument is paramount. Each department within the shop is set up to approach its responsibilities with the same philosophy Bryan founded the shop on; pay attention to what the players are telling you and approach each job with responsibility and the rest will fall into place.

Industry Leader

In the early days of guitar repair there was a obvious gap between the modern approach for making guitars and the techniques needed for repairing them. Out of necessity Bryan pioneered tools and techniques that have become staples of the industry. Today Bryan is recognized as s fearless innovator in Lutheire, pushing the boundaries of the guitar as a musical instrument to make it the best it can be. This has lead to inventions that the industry are adapting to include the Galloup Instrument Making Software that is changing the way major manufactures approach guitar making.

Bryan’s Guitars

Bryan’s custom line of guitars are a testament to his commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail. The Galloup Tone Wood Library is stocked with the finest tone woods in the world. Each sample has been dynamically tested with the Galloup Wood Management™ Software to generate his proprietary Galloup Rating™ which guarantees sonic excellence and engineered reliability. The development of this approach was founded through decades of research and development to deliver a world class concert level guitar to last and inspire for a lifetime.

Bryan’s School

The Galloup School was officially founded in 1988 to fill the demand for quality luthiers in the growing vintage and high-end guitar market. Now, over thirty years later, the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair has trained students numbering in the thousands, with Graduates working in every aspect of the industry. This has earned the Galloup School a international reputation as the premier school for training the next generation of qualified Luthiers. And through his advancements in the industry, every Galloup student not only clearly understands the foundation of Lutherie but, is exposed to current developments preparing them for what is just around the corner.

Consultant And Public Speaker

Bryan’s work has been well documented in major publications such as; Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Vintage Guitar, The Guild of American Luthiers, the Association of String instrument Artisans, the Fret Board Journal and currently is a co-columnists for Premier Guitar Magazine’s Acoustic Soundboard. Through his work as a teacher and innovator he has become an in demand lecturer and public speaker. Bryan’s services as a consultant are in high demand to help small shops and industry alike make better guitars. This includes his work prototyping and developing for several large guitar brands teaching them how to redefine their views of guitar making.