BRYAN Galloup

Innovator and Industry Leader


Bryan Galloup is an industry leader in the preservation of vintage and contemporary fretted instruments. Galloup Guitars is an 11,000 square foot full-service guitar facility custom designed by Bryan to handle all operations in-house including: instrument finishing, wood re-sawing, lecture rooms, digital and media rooms, CNC and CAD departments, instrument restorations, custom instrument making and Lutherie training.

For repairs and restorations Bryan has a well-deserved reputation as a go to shop for touring musicians and vintage collectors. His work has been well documented in major publications such as; Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Vintage Guitar, The Guild of American Luthiers, the Association of String instrument Artisans, the Fret Board Journal and currently is a co-columnists for Premier Guitar Magazine’s Acoustic Soundboard.

Bryan’s career has been dedicated to understanding how the guitar works through observing and measuring outstanding vintage guitars, then applying the science of acoustics and resonance to develop new techniques for the industry. With the development of his Galloup Instrument Making System™ and Sound Profiling™ Software, this lays the groundwork for inventions and developments that are currently evolving into techniques that will set the pace for the Galloup School and the future of Lutherie.

The Galloup School was officially founded in 1988 to fill the demand for quality luthiers in the growing vintage and high-end guitar market. Now, over thirty years later, the Galloup School has trained students numbering in the thousands with Graduates working every aspect of the industry including: manufacturing (both domestically and abroad), apprenticing with Master Luthiers, working for major chains as certified repair technicians and operating their own successful stores.

This has earned him an international reputation as a public speaker lecturing on fretted instrument making, repair and design. His history as a restoration specialist gives him insights that companies use to design new products and transform their lines. Bryan’s Computer Assisted Voicing™ approach that produced his Galloup Instrument Making System™, Wood Management™, and Sound Profiling™ Software has become popular with manufactures for it’s ability to train and guide line workers to produce better sounding, more stable guitars.

Then there’s Bryan’s custom line of guitars. Each instrument is a testament to his commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail. The Galloup Tone Wood Library is stocked with the finest Brazilian Rosewood backs and sides, Italian Spruce sound boards, Honduran Mahogany necks blanks and African Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood fret boards and bridges. Each sample has been dynamically tested with the Galloup Wood Management™ Software to generate the proprietary Galloup Rating™ which guarantees dynamically proven sonic excellence and engineered reliability. How this translates to the player is a world class concert level instrument with the tone to inspire and reliability to last a lifetime.