Galloup Guitars’ CAD/CAM department offers quality parts and affordable programming services to those wanting after market parts for vintage guitars, parts for their personal line of guitars or those needing assistance introducing CNC into their own shop.

Bryan introduced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to his shop, not to improve production, but to explore the development of vintage part replacement, art and guitar design.

Design, Art and Research

The CNC department became popular with not only Luthiers wanting quality replacement parts but, also assistance designing and making parts for their personal line of guitars.

Consulting and Training

The collaboration between Galloup Studios and the CNC department fueled a new approach to the development between artistic expression previously not possible.

Artistic Expression

Under the leadership of programmer and machine operator Tom Dalia, the CADD/CAM department is not only a highly skilled custom shop but an efficient and timely operation servicing Luthiers around the world.

Efficiency And Service

For those interested in our CAD/CAM services, contact Tom Dalia at 1-800-278-0089 or