CNC Services

Not Just Another CNC Department

Our shop has a well established history making custom parts for some of the world premier Luthiers. Additionally. we assist guitar makers with general supplies their shops are not equipped to handle and custom designed products for those establishing new brands.

Contact Tom at: cnc@galloupguitars,com

CNC and the Modern Luthier

We uses the Techno Titan Series router for its accuracy and ability to cut large panels as well as the most intricate inlays. For guitar parts the Techno Titan delivers the best resolution available and for jigs and fixtures, the ability to cut large panels its keeps our delivery times down and our pricing competitive.

Tom’s work was featured in Techno’s annual newsletter, as well as Premier Guitar for his work with Tyler Robbins and Bryan Galloup. Tom is on the short list of the best Lutherie related programmers and machine operators in the world, who’s “outside of the box” approach makes him ideal for those wanting to move to the next level with their personal line of instruments.  

Get Pleked at Galloup

PLEK has proven itself as an industry standard for better playing fretted instruments. The accuracy of this technology offers confidence to the players and that their guitar is in top condition. For more information about our PLEK departments, please give us a call to schedule an appointment or contact Tom at:

Design and Research

The idea that pearl is the only inlay for guitar is a thing of the past. The Galloup team has transformed embellishments to include just about every medium possible. The collaboration between Galloup Studios and the CNC department fueled a new approach between artistic expression and technology not previously not explored.

Bryan introduced Computer Numerical Control technology to his shop not only to improve production, but to explore the development of vintage replacement parts, art and guitar design. Eventually our CNC department became popular with other Luthiers wanting quality replacement parts and assistance designing and making parts for their personal line of instruments.

Consulting and Training

Another popular service is CNC/CAD training for those wanting to introduce automation to their shop. This could include assistance in becoming a sufficient machine operator or learning the skills necessary to digitally design your own products. We can work with you to better make the transition with introducing CNC/CAD to you personal shop.

Our shop offers CNC/CAD training. In collaboration between the Galloup School, Tom Dalia offers on-line classes that are an effective way to introduce CAD and CNC technology to your shop.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or 1-800-278-0089

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