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About My Guitars

My name is Bryan Galloup and I am a Guitar Maker.

Every facet of my building style has been systematically honed over decades to make guitars for the client who demand the very best.  From finely detailed personalized touches to sonic excellence, each guitar I make is a one of a kind concert level instrument with the tone and response to challenge and inspire the most demanding players. Even though my clients list includes concert level performers, I routinely build commissioned instruments for players who desire an instrument tailor made to their specific requirements.

Throughout my Lutherie career I have been searching for the truth; stripping the instrument down to its most basic form to ultimately deliver sonic excellence that would be second to none, past or present. To ensure each guitar I make meets only the highest standards, I developed my Galloup Instrument Making System™ and Sound Profiling™ SoftwareThis proprietary building style delivers a clear, open bell like tone with the presence and response to ensure a lifetime of inspiration. To date, the data my software generates is so advanced other premium boutique builders and major manufactures are adopting my approach.

In addition, my tonewood supply is without a doubt one of the most prestigious collections in the world. I have systematically assembled my Private Stock Library with Master and Reserve Grade domestic and exotic CITES approved tone wood. All tonewoods have been dynamically tested by my Galloup Wood Management™ Software to generate my proprietary Galloup Rating™ that guarantees dynamically proven sonic perfection and engineered reliability

I offer to you my family of instruments that are individually engineered from the ground up to meet the demands of the modern acoustic market.  Along with each specific design, I offer featured options and tonewood upgrades to help your personalize you guitar. In addition, I often work with my clients to design customized features to further make their instrument a unique personalized experience.

-Bryan Galloup