The Galloup shop has grown into an 11,000 square foot facility custom-designed to handle all operations in-house. It’s continually changing to keep up with the times and the team’s desire to be the very best.

The layout of Bryan’s work area has not changed in 30 years. When he lectures, it’s at this very same bench so students get a chance to experience a slice of Lutherie history. This gives students a chance to see firsthand what a Luthier’s bench looks like and how a Luthier makes it happen.

We keep a selection of old-school stuff around for general guitar testing and to set the pace for future guitar designs. This approach works its way into the School at every level from the Tube Amp Building class to the vintage-based pickups winding.

The Galloup shop evolved through decades of application to handle the needs of the team and the work at hand. The machinery is well kept and the layout of the facility reflects 40 plus years of working around shops and paying attention to the market.

Bryan’s restoration service is still in operation that is currently managed by Luthier Andy Kirby who oversees the constant flow of instruments shipped in from around the world. The number of vintage restorations seems to equal the number of “everyday” repairs, so there is always something cool in the Galloup Shop.

The Galloup shop is equipped with multiple dust collection systems and custom-made cross draft tables for all sanding of wood or finishes. The available working area to student ratio assures each student has acquitted space to perform their work in a healthy and safe manor. It’s these appointments that separate the Galloup School and sets a standard for students to follow.

Our spray facility is a professionally installed, climate-controlled DeVilbiss spray booth, complete with air makeup and fire suppressant system. The students use the same facility as used by the Galloup team.

The Galloup School is designed with as much hands-on training as possible but some sessions need to be set up with demonstrations and lectures. For this we made a media based lecture room which is equipped with three monitors so each student gets the information they payed for.

The Galloup School’s classrooms are equipped with custom-made benches, modeled after the bench Bryan’s used for years. These benches are the ideal size that makes the student stop and clean in between procedures before moving on to the next step. This generates healthy working habits that last a lifetime.”

Our classrooms are kept separate from all heavy, noisy, dusty machinery and all such procedures happen in an isolated machinery room. This keeps the dust down and noise away from the classroom, so students can concentrate on their training.