Which class is best for me

The Galloup School’s terms are set up as two month sessions, this allows them to be assembled by the student as needed to match their business plan or fit their financial requirements. Many students have spread out the two-month sessions, some even over several years, taking one term at a time, until they successfully earn their Masters Class Certificate.

The two-month Journeyman Program is the original program, designed to cover the most useful information in the shortest amount of time. The repair topics are aligned with the making of two guitars to form an outline that moves the student through the topics step-by-step. For students with time or financing issues, this would be the training option for you. Many students take the Journeyman Program as a sampler to see how this type of training works for them before advancing to our other training sessions.

For many students, the Technician Program’s sixteen-week commitment ideally fits their schedule and budget. For students who have done their homework, they can see that this training session is the comparable option to other lutherie training programs. But by comparison, The Technician Program covers the most content in less time and for less money. Even if you choose the take advantage of our Enrichment Classes, you will still come in under the cost of other lutherie training programs.

The Masters Program was originally developed for the Department of Veterans Affairs to train veterans through the Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Once added to the Galloup School’s curriculum, it became one of the more popular classes offered. One of the biggest advantages to the Master Program is the continual building up of skills over six months of being immersed in guitar building. The basic rosette lesson in the first term gives way to you making your own rosette design the second term that is as individual as you. In addition, the Masters Program is the only Galloup School program where you will get all three Static Voicing Classes and cover the prerequisites necessary for moving on to the Graduate Classes.

Graduate Classes are more recent additions, born of the expressed desire by students who wanted to come back for more. It allows students who have graduated from the Master Program to come back and take additional classes that the Galloup School offers that weren’t able to be effectively fit into their chosen Master Class training.

The Galloup School classes include a series of well-honed operations with only enough time for the student to absorb the lesson before moving on to the next topic. Bryan wanted to include more, but such content could not be reasonably added to the existing class outlines. As a result, several of these topics are now offered as Enrichment Classes. Each class is an individual, short-term session that students can take “a la carte”. This is a great way for students to round out their education.

In the fall of 1996, Bryan and Susan Galloup, along with Dan Erlewine, hosted the first North Woods Seminar. This seminar brought together some of the world’s premier craftsmen for a four day training intensive. These are a rare opportunity for the students. Some of the seminars are offered free-of-charge as an enrichment, but others, such as the North Woods Seminar, require a fee to cover the cost of operation.

Can I use my veteran benefits to attend the school and what is the process?

We are proud to say “Yes, you can”. At this time, veterans can use benefits for both the Journeyman Program and the Master Program.

The first step is the application for benefits. The proper form to use will depend on the branch of service you were in and the circumstances surrounding your service, but the process is relatively easy. The Veteran’s Administration will then send you a Certificate of Eligibility, stating the benefits to which you are entitled. Call (800) 278-0089 or email school@galloupguitars.com. If you would like assistance getting started, we will be happy to help.

Do you take international students?

We sure do. We have hosted students from Iceland to Australia, South Korea to Brazil and many places in between. An M-1 Student VISA is required to study in the United States and each country is a little different in the length of time it takes to get the VISA, so it is important to plan carefully.

With some basic information we will generate an I-20, which is the first step in getting you on your way to an exciting journey learning from the best.

Reach out to the school by calling (800) 278-0089 or through email at school@galloupguitars.com for more information.

What are the guitars I make like?

Every guitar made in the Galloup School was designed as a tool to develop your skills as a Luthier. It is Bryan’s philosophy that the projects at the Galloup School are not so much the actual instruments being made, but the students themselves and the ability for the student body to successfully absorb the curriculum. It was not Bryan’s goal to set low standards for the instruments to make the class easy, but rather to align the guitars to progress, setting new standards as the students advance through the school’s curriculum.

Therefore, the guitars made in the Galloup School are the most current by design- both physically and sonically. Even though the guitars you make will represent your progress as a student (quirks and all), the Galloup School’s staff are committed to guiding you through to completion to help you meet your goals as a student.

What is the school housing like?

Shortly after officially opening the Galloup School of Lutherie as a full-time, year-round vocational school, Bryan knew that one important factor for the success of his students was housing. His goal with housing was to offer perfectly adequate and efficient housing for his students during the course of their training. This includes a private room for each student, with no more that two students to one bath, and a full kitchen.

Currently the Galloup School’s housing has grown into seven houses that are maintained by a full-time staff, dedicated to making sure they meet the standards set by Bryan. As a student, the thing to note about the Galloup School’s house is that this is a free place for you to stay that is not included in the price of tuition. As a student, you will be spending your time with students from around the world who all have the same interest and goals as you do. Such housing is an ideal way to share your training experiences and make friendships and connections you will keep for the rest of your life.

What is Big Rapids like?

Big Rapids Michigan is iconic in the Lutherie world for it’s history of hosting some of Lutherie’s most prestigious events. Mostly due to the friendship between Dan Erlewine and Bryan Galloup, Big Rapids continues to to be a destination for aspiring Luthiers.

Big Rapids’ unique small-town atmosphere, with its many amenities- thanks to the local Ferris State University- makes it an ideal choice to focus on your training. As Dan Erlewine says:

“Big Rapids is just like Ann Arbor in the 60’s. For this reason, Big Rapids is an ideal location to immerse yourself into the Galloup School without the distractions and obstacles of a larger metropolitan area”.

-Dan Erlewine-

To the south of Big Rapids is Grand Rapids, a major upscale and growing community. Voted “Beer City USA” in national polls and named Best Beer Town and Best Beer Scene by USA TODAY, Grand Rapids is rich with the arts, music, and shopping.

To the north of Big Rapids is Traverse City, an area overflowing with natural beauty, world-class biking, hiking and vineyards, all on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.


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