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My career has been dedicated to understanding quality musical instruments and their roles with delivering world-class performance. This is the single driving force behind every guitar I make.

-Bryan Galloup-

In Terms of wood classification, utilizing the best material, delivering consistency, and employing modern voicing technology, Bryan is currently at the top of the heap.

– Paul Heumiller –


Grand Concert

A full body Grand Concert with emphasis on power and deep fundamentals; this is just an all around great guitar.

The top end has a bell quality and some insane overtones. Bryan’s guitars have a rare quality of natural reverb that fills the room.

Magic. Pure magic. Bryan Galloup manages to mix bell-like trebles with a crisp midrange, throw in a powerful bass, and stir to perfection.

This G.2c is what I would think of when someone asks, “What’s one guitar that can do it all?”

Standard specifications 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.1875 bridge spacing* – 15.857 bout width – 4.750 bout depth – 11.500 shoulder width – 3.625 shoulder depth – 20 inch body length – 41.750 overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players requirements.



An Orchestra classed guitar that is ideal for players looking for a well balanced instrument geared for articulated music styles.

A custom client commission that sings on all fronts. This G.3A has Italian Spruce on top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.

This G.3A from Bryan Galloup features a bespoke reconstituted stone appointment package—flawlessly executed. 

Bryan Galloup is a joy to work with as he strives to get every player the perfect guitar.

Standard spec’s include: 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.250 bridge spacing* – 15.500 bout width – 4.250 bout depth – 10.750 shoulder width – 3.250 shoulder depth – 19.625 body length, 41 inch overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players requirements.



A mid-sized Grand Auditorium instrument built for finger style, Jazz and crossover performances.

Incredible! Bryan Galloup is currently revolutionizing the guitar world with a beautiful marriage of technology and old world craft.

A multi-scale setup of 26 inches at the bass to 25 at the treble adds a touch of sweetness to the high-end as well.

Throw everything and the kitchen sink at it, and it keeps on going. This G.6CA is a finger-style champ.

(G.6cam Private Stock Brazilian, Italian Spruce)

Standard spec’s include; 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.250 bridge spacing* – 16 inch bout width – 4.750 bout depth – 11 inch shoulder width – 3.625 shoulder depth – 20 inch body length – 41.250 overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players playing requirements.

Tone Wood Selections

My Tone Wood Library is one of the most prestigious private collections in the world. The bulk of my tone woods are decades old with many woods reaching vintage or even antique status. Each set is separated into three categories: A Master Grade for baseline quality, Reserve Grade for woods that meet an elevated level of sonic exultance, and ultimately my Private Stock Collection that delivers only the highest standards for tone, response, rarity, and beauty.

Dynamic Voicing™

In 2015 I made guitar number #1501. It was then I achieved my ultimate goal for tone, response, and reliability. This was the birth of the modern Galloup Guitar sound, and I knew I could reproduce it every time. These goals were made possible through the development of my Dynamic Instrument Making System™ and Sonic Wood Management™ Software. This patent pending process assists in producing musical instruments with incredible sonic accuracy.


In the United States we are represented by Paul Heumiller at Dream Guitars but I do reserve up to four guitars a year for trade shows and guitar showcases. The majority of my yearly production are crafted from my Master Grade tone wood stock but Reserve Grade or Private Stock tone wood supply are available by request. If an in-house order were accepted, a non-refundable deposit based on the final commissioned price may be required with the balance due 30 days before shipping or delivery. The current wait list is 24 to 36 months, and our building process is not expedited under any circumstances. Quoted prices do not include shipping, duties, insurance, taxes, import/export regulations or custom flight cases.


Some details are commonly adjusted but custom appointments are quoted for each individual customer. Options such as cutaways, armrests, and back bevels have a set price while others are based on design elements, materials, and execution. Each guitar features a premium Galloup proprietary green five-ply arched case, trimmed with tooled leather appointments. For touring musicians, I do offer a custom Calton flight cases that are priced separately; pricing my vary depending on time of order.


Signature $18,000

Every Signature Model guitar starts at a base price of $18,000 built in a non-cutaway version with standard appointments and Master Grade tone woods and a premium Galloup Rated sound board. Reserve Grade tone woods are available with a starting price of $25,000 and Private Stock Collection builds have exceeded $38,000. These prices generally include alternative appointments, but custom artistic embellishments could be priced accordingly.


Galloup Guitars come with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner only and is not transferable. No representation or warranty by any Galloup Guitars dealer, agent, representative or employee shall be binding upon Galloup Guitars. All warranty repairs or alterations are performed at the discretion of Galloup to ensure the instruments stability, play-ability, and musicality remain intact. Any repairs or alterations not performed by Galloup or any misuse or lack of proper care would negate this warranty. Additionally, all warranty related shipping and handling are the responsibility of the owner, dealer, agent or representative.  

For impedance matching purposes, all Galloup Guitars were designed for use with John Pearse strings. Any other strings are not recommended and all Galloup brokers are instructed to present our guitars with these products.

Bryan Galloup’s Studio

For your pleasurer, please visit my Galloup Guitars Gallery page for past builds and custom projects.

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