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Tone to inspire for a lifetime

Throughout my career I have been searching for the truth, stripping the instrument down to its most basic form to unlock tonal excellence. This laid the groundwork for the development of my Computer Assisted Voicing™ approach that delivers a clear, open bell-like tone with the response to inspire the most demanding players and engineered reliability to protect my customer’s investment.

My instruments are designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the modern guitar market. Along with each specific model, I offer featured options and tone wood upgrades to help you personalize your guitar. I often work with clients to design customized features that further make their instrument a unique, personalized experience.

-Bryan Galloup-



My G.2c is a full body Grand Concert with emphasis on power and deep fundamentals. Though not designed as a full out flat picker, this is just an all around great guitar for well diverse players.

Standard spec’s include; 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.1875 bridge spacing* – 15.857 bout width – 4.750 bout depth – 11.500 shoulder width – 3.625 shoulder depth – 20 inch body length – 41.750 overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players playing requirements.

G.2c demo courtesy of Dream Guitars

(G.2c Reserve Grade Brazilian)



Orchestra classed guitars are iconic for delivering even balanced tones from one end of the fret board to the other. My G.3 Orchestra Model is my offering for players looking for a well balanced instrument geared for more articulated music styles.

Standard spec’s include; 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.250 bridge spacing* – 15.500 bout width – 4.250 bout depth – 10.750 shoulder width – 3.250 shoulder depth – 19.625 body length, 41 inch overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players playing requirements.

G.3a demo courtesy of Dream Guitars

(G.3a Reserve Grade Brazilian)



My G.6 is a great auditorium classed instrument ideal for finger style, Jazz and crossover performances. For many performers it’s an ideal match for their wide repertoire without crossing over to a full-bodied instrument. Additionally, my G.6 is an ideal paring with my 25″ – 26″ multi-scale offering.

Standard spec’s include; 25.5 scale* – 1.750 nut spacing* – 2.250 bridge spacing* – 16 inch bout width – 4.750 bout depth – 11 inch shoulder width – 3.625 shoulder depth – 20 inch body length – 41.250 overall length.

*These specification can be adjusted to suit players playing requirements.

G.6cam demo courtesy of The North American Guitar

(G.6cam Private Stock Brazilian, Italian Spruce)

Tone Wood

My Tone Wood Library is one of the most prestigious private collections in the world. I systematically assembled each sample, then dynamically tested them with the Sonic Wood Management™ Software. This approach generates our proprietary Dynamic Rating™, which guarantees total control over tone and structurial reliability.

These tone woods are decades old, with many reaching vintage (20 plus years) or even antique (65 plus years) status. All of my tone woods are separated into three categories: Master Grade for their unique beauty and rarity, Reserve Grade for those that meet an even higher level of rarity and beauty, then Private Stock for those that meet only the highest standards for tone, response, rarity and beauty. Master Grade tone woods are used for all builds at my standard base price, Reserve Grade and Private Stock are offered at a premium.

Dynamic Voicing™

In the summer of 2002, I took a sabbatical from guitar making to devote 100% of my time to the research of the American Steel String Guitar. The result was the development of a system called Computer Assisted Voicing (CAV), which seamlessly loops guitar making into a process.

Even though I’ve made many incredible sounding instruments, it was only in 2015 when I made guitar number #1501 that I achieved my goal. This guitar not only produced the sound, response and feel I was looking for, I knew I could reproduce it every time. This was the birth of the modern Galloup Guitar tone.

Currently my process has evolved into my Dynamic Instrument Making System™ and Sonic Wood Management™ Software. This patent pending process along with its accompanying inventions produces musical instruments with incredible consistency and accuracy. How this translates to you the player is; a world-class concert level instrument with the tone to inspire and reliability to last a lifetime.


Along with my standard models and features, I have available options that make each guitar unique. Many options, such as nut width, scale length, fan frets or string spacing are commonly adjusted tor the customer’s preferences, but there are even more that can be added by request.

Standard options such as cutaways and armrests have a set price, but I frequently custom-design appointments such as rosettes and inlays to personalize the guitar for the individual customer. Each project is individually priced based on design elements, materials and execution.


Signature $20,000 (effective to January 1, 2023)

Every Signature Model guitar I make starts at a base price of $20,000. This includes Master Grade tone woods and a premium Master Grade sound board. Reserve Grade and Private Stock tone woods are available with a starting price of $25,000 for Reserve Grade and Private Stock builds have exceeded $37,000. These prices include standard appointments but custom artistic embellishments or tone wood upgrades will be priced accordingly. Each guitar comes with a premium hard-shell case but custom flight cases came be facilitated upon request.   


Galloup Guitars are warrantied with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and is not transferable to subsequent owners. No representation or warranty by any Galloup Guitars dealer, agent, representative or employee shall be binding upon Galloup Guitars. All warranty repairs or alterations are performed at the discretion of Galloup to ensure the instruments stability, playability and musicality remain in tact.. Any repairs or alterations not performed or authorized by Galloup or any misuse or lack of proper care would negate this warranty herein. Additionally, all warranty related shipping and handling are the responsibility of the owner, dealer, agent or representative.    


To find out what’s on the bench; in the United States you can check with Paul Heumiller at Paul is the only person we offer customized options of in the United States or in South Korea you can contact Sungmo Kim at Currently these are my go to guys for custom orders and are the recipients of any spec builds I might produce each year. Additionally, I collaborate with Jamie Gale and the Boutique Guitar Showcase, to find out more about show dates and locations, go to

Currently I reserve the majority of my yearly production as non-bespoke guitars that are primarily made from my Reserve Grade or Private Stock tone woods. If an in-house-order was accepted, a non-refundable deposit based on the final commissioned price is required with the balance due 30 days before shipping or delivery. The quoted price does not include shipping, duties, insurance, taxes, import/export regulations or custom flight cases.