G.6 Auditorium
The Auditorium is the preferred body size for many players for its emphasis on defined low end, balance and clarity. My G.6 is a great Auditorium classed instrument ideal for finger style, Jazz and crossover classical performances. Its medium body size reminds you that something is in your hands without the mass of a full traditional guitar. 

“For many players my G.6 is an ideal match for their wide repertoire without crossing over to a full bodied instrument”.

Standard Specs:

Scale length 25.5″ 
String spacing 2.2500″ 
Nut width 1.750″
Body bout width 16.125″ 
Body bout depth 4.750″ 
Shoulder width 11.3125″ 
Shoulder depth 3.625″ 
Body Length 20″ 
Overall length 41.3125″