My Contra Baritone offers alternative tonal options while retaining usable string tensions during drop tunings and also the option of performing in lower keys while maintaining the same cord positions. Its extended 28.750 scale requires a smaller .066 through .016 gauge set for B to B and .064 through .015 for C to C. Moving away from the standard large gauge baritone stings gave me the tone I was looking for while opening up the lower end register and increasing the instruments overall clarity. 

“I love playing my Contra Baritone; it’s a blast and an ideal match for my lower range voice. With my custom string gauges I can set the perfect balance of tension, playability, and tone, making it a hard guitar to put down. For performers who want to experiment with string gauges, alternative tunings, or explore multi-capo techniques, it’s an incredible instrument”.

Standard Specs:

Scale length 28.75″ 
String spacing 2.3125″ 
Nut width 1.8125″ 
Body bout width 16.000″ 
Body bout depth 4.750″ 
Shoulder width 11.750″ 
Shoulder depth 3.625″
Body Length 20.250″ 
Overall length 43.625″