Many players find themselves wanting an acoustic bass guitar that performs just like a standard acoustic guitar, but there are two big issues. First, it has to fit your body just like an electric bass would with a full 34 inch scale. Secondly, the tone has to be clear, open, and balanced. My G.9 C’s patent pending design is the first guitar-formatted acoustic bass that allows this all to happen.

“I custom designed my load displacement system to allow the use of a full 34”scale whale retaining the feel a bass player is use to. This is a big deal, they shouldn’t be asked to learn a new instrument; they just want to play. Not to mention that the tone is killer”.

Standard Specs:

Scale length 34″
String spacing 2.250″
Nut width 1.750″
Body bout width 17.000″
Body bout depth 4.750″
Shoulder width 13.000″
Shoulder depth 3.625″
Body Length 21.250″ 
Overall length 45.375″