G.4 Grand Parlor
My G.4 is a small 12 fret to-the-body design that has an extended shoulder area which lowers its fundamental while retaining the positioning and feel players identify with on a 12 fret instrument. The design works well with both short and long scale lengths; this makes for a versatile instrument that is both easy-chair comfortable and has enough punch to accompany an ensemble.

“This is my go to guitar for everyday playing. Its smaller compact frame makes it so much fun to hold and play”.

Standard Specs:

Scale length 25.5″
String spacing 2.250″
Nut width 1.750″
Body bout width 14.625″
Body bout depth 4.125″
Shoulder width 10.375″
Shoulder depth 3.500″
Body Length 20″
Overall length 40.125″