My Wood Grading System

My tonewood supplies are some the world’s most sought-after woods for musical instruments. I have been personally acquiring and archiving this wood for over 30 years. I’m constantly on the hunt for new additions to this supply, making sure my customers get the finest quality, world class aged tonewoods.

My grading system tracks the wood’s stability and acoustic quality by scrupulous monitoring of data on density, speed of sound, modulus of elasticity and radiation coefficiency. This ensures I have the finest tonewood supply, so I can make the best selection for each player’s needs.

Every item is individually graded for its rarity in species, beauty and age. Much of my tonewood stock is old enough to be classified as vintage and antique.

Master Grade

Among the world’s finest tonewoods, there are sets that truly stand out for their acoustical qualities and ability to produce a stable musical instrument. I select these woods as my Master Grade—the standard option for all of my guitars. These woods are of the highest quality and I have a wide selection of species and acoustical options on hand to meet your needs. Call for selection and options.

Reserve Stock

A very small number of rare woods qualify for Galloup Reserve Stock. These woods are superior in every aspect: beauty, rarity, and tonal clarity, factors that distinguish ‘Reserve Stock’ selections. Call for selection and prices.