Notable Alumni

Bryan has trained some of the worlds finest Luthiers. People who are working in every aspect of the business and making some of the finest guitars in the world.

Michael Greenfield

Michael is a graduate of the 1997 Fall Class. After completion of the course, Michael went off to become a seasoned repair person and a luthier who builds a line of guitars that are among the finest in the world.

Tyler Wells

Tyler is a 2015 graduate of the Master Program. Post graduation, Tyler spent some time working with Tom Ribbecke and today builds some of the most unique custom Arch Top guitars in the world.

Maegen Wells

After Maegen graduated from the Galloup School she continued to learn, grow and work tirelessly to perfect her craft. With her beautiful and uniquely styled mandolins and arch top guitars, Maegen has rightfully earned her spot as one of today’s most in-demand makers.

Chris Morimoto

Chris attended the Galloup School’s Master Program and after an apprenticeship with Bryan, Chris returned to California to work with Master Luthier Ervin Somogyi and later became the prime builder in Ervin’s shop.

Julian Gaffney

After completing Bryan’s Master Class, Julian worked for Roger Sadowsky then accepted an apprenticeship with Ervin Somogyi. Today, Julian is one of the worlds premier steel string guitar makers.

Tyler Robbins

Tyler graduated from the Journeyman Class then completed a two year Student Graduate Program working with Bryan. Tyler has incredible chops that has earned him quite a reputation. The guitars produced by this young luthier are some of the most “in-demand” guitars on the market today.

Sam Guidry

Another graduate of the Galloup School, Sam Guidry is now a well seasoned luthier who has earned a reputation in our community as a leading authority on the tone and response of acoustic instruments. Sam’s line of acoustic guitars are known for their amazing tone and fine detail.

Rameen Shayegan

Rameen graduated from the Master Program in the fall of 2013. Since then he has joined the research and development team at the Martin Guitar Co. and is currently developing new guitar and product lines that are fueling the growth of the company.

Chris Griffiths

Chris attended the Galloup School when he was 19 years old. In 1999, he founded the Garrison Guitar Company. Today, Chris is the Chief Sales Officer for the D’Addario Co. in Long Island NY.

Ben Armour

Ben graduated the Galloup School then finished an apprenticeship with Bryan in the summer of 2005 then went on to work with Luthier Abe Wechter. Today Ben is the head Luthier at Sweetwater leading the repair and modifications department.

Isaac Jang

Issac came to us through Luthier Kathy Wingert who recommended the Galloup School as a solid place to get started. Today Issac is one of the most in-demand young Luthiers today making some of the finest steel string acoustics.

Matt Baker

Matt, a graduate of the Galloup School’s 1991 fall session is the owner and repairperson of Action Music in Arlington VA. “The skills I acquired at Bryan’s school have proven invaluable with the success of my guitar shop”. –Matt Baker-