Galloup School Student Models

We want our students to have the best possible foundation for success, therefore our curriculum teaches solid, time-tested skills that are necessary to build the best possible guitars in the Lutherie training profession.

The following guitars were built by Galloup School graduates but remember; it’s not the guitars that are the project at the Galloup School it’s you the student and your training.


Acoustic Training


Steel String

The GS-A1 is a solid baseline “ground up build” with design eliminates and classic tone woods selections ideal for this level one build. It’s lessons are time tested that have laid the foundation for some of our industries premier luthiers.


Finger Style

New for 2023, we completely re-designed the Finger Style acoustic to support the Acoustic Guitar Voicing Classes. It has a hand tuned top and back pitched to best support finger style playing.


16″ Acoustic Arch Top Hybrid

Designed after a 1930’s Gibson arch top, this is an outstanding introduction to carving arch top’s for acoustic guitars. It has classic lines that include custom made adjustable bridge and electric pick up mounted to the custom made pick guard.

Electric Training


Figured Maple Top Bolt On Electric

Our term one electric is designed after one of the most successful guitar designs of all time. These guitars are made from the ground up so students have a solid understanding of what a small production set-up would entail.


Figured Maple Top Set Neck Electric

The GS.E2 is specifically designed to teach the electric guitar tone classes offered in our second term electric guitar building. In addition, the ground up build, students are able to wind picks to round out this build.


Electric Thin Line

Added new in 2022, this has proven to be an exultant third term build capping off the electric guitar making classes. This guitar follows that thin line electric guitar style of making with custom design eliminates that make this build unique.

Graduate Classes

Advanced Graduate Classes

Multi Scale Acoustic 

The Fan Frets are a popular option in the modern acoustic guitar market. Built on the foundation set by the Finger Style guitar in term two, you will learn how to make these unique instruments.

Arch Top Guitar

Making arch top instruments has been a part of the Galloup School for eighteen years. Over this time we have refined our lessons to make these instruments relevant and challenging. Only the necessary topics are covered to keep our students focused on this complicated build.

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