Galloup School Student Models

We want our students to have the best possible foundation for success, therefore our curriculum teaches solid, time-tested skills that are necessary to build the best possible guitars in the Lutherie training profession.

The following guitars were built by Galloup School graduates but remember; it’s not the guitars that are the project at the Galloup School it’s you the student and your training.



The GS-AT17 is a replica of the 17 inch arch top models that are iconic in the world of Arch Tops. Students learn how to hand carve tops from solid billets and hand inlay detailed marquetry as seen on many vintage instruments.

Each student hand rubs a vintage brown as used on many classic Arch Tops for that classic Arch Top look and feel.
Galloup Students not only carve and voice the arched top plates, they make most part’s on their guitars right down to the finely detailed adjustable bridge.


The Galloup School GS-A1 is a solid baseline “ground up build” with design eliminates and classic tone woods selections ideal for this level One build. It will set the pace for your training at the Galloup School and your carrier in Lutherie.

The Michigan Maple back and sides are premium top grade tone woods hand selected a re-sawn by the Galloup team.
Gaboon Ebony fret board and bridge are staple in the Galloup School and custom inlays or marquetry are designed by the Galloup team for most class project.


The Galloup Schools “Advanced Finger Style” is a world class design made with the most advanced techniques in modern Lutherie. The 25-26 “Fan Fret” extended scale and it’s finger style voicing make this an incredible learning tool.

It’s modern “Modified OM” styling was designed by the Galloup Team that is an ideal body size for Finger Style performances.
The team added a modern Florentine style cutaway and the solid Mahogany construction make this a well rounded Level Two Build or Graduate Class Selection.


The Galloup School offers several designs of set neck electric guitars and students are offered a variety of color choices and finish styles to broaden their knowledge of electric guitar style finishes.

The GS-SN1 design is format the same as the arched, carved top electric guitars popularized by the greatest player and recordings in popular music.
Even the hardware and pickups are the same format and specs as the 50’s guitar they are designed after.


Bryan has offered a bolt on style neck version of a build in the Galloup School for 30 years due to it’s highly replicated format and production friendly design. Additionally it’s a great phase one teaching tool for students to get their feet on the ground.

As with all electric builds in the Galloup School students are encouraged to select and apply their choice of colors and bursting style to personalize their instrument.
The Galloup School likes to make use of a variety of hardware so students are exposed to multiple designs and options.

New “In The Works” for 2020

New for the spring of 2020 the Galloup Team is offering new models that have been in the works for the last year. Two of these new builds are additions to the electric guitar making curriculum so students can select options to better fit their business plan.


This unique thin line electric was designed by Tom Dalia who spearheads our CAD/CAM department. Even though it retains many classic lines Tom added a fresh s eye that make this a great addition the out electric guitar making class at the Galloup School.


Many time referred to as a “Sweet Sixteen”, this Arch Top’s format is widely use in many music styles including Pop Rock, Rockabilly and Jazz Fusion. This will become the prime Arch Top build for the school and with the GS-AT17 moving to a Graduate Class Build”.