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Industry-Recognized Career Training

Every Galloup School program and class has been developed from decades of experience. These training sessions will give you a real knowledge of lutherie. You’ll build excellent instruments here and when you graduate you can say much more than “I made that.” You’ll understand guitar design, materials, construction and you’ll know why your guitars (and others) sound the way they do.

There are three primary options for training; the Journeyman Program (two months), the Technician Program (four months) and the Master Program (six months). Each program was developed by paying attention to what the industry demanded so students would get what they needed to secure a position in Lutherie. These programs are continuously being refined to stay current with the ever changing guitar market. It’s because of this philosophy that you can be sure you are getting the best technical lutherie training possible.

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In addition to the three primary training options, we offer Graduate Classes (two month extensions), Enrichment Classes (evening and weekend intensives) and Featured Seminars (specialty sessions) each designed to expand your training and offer opportunities that are unique to the Galloup School.

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Flexible Training Options

Expandable class outlines are now offered, each designed to elevate your lutherie skill to an advanced level. Class projects are offered that allow you to match the instruments you make with your area of interest and selected training schedule.

No matter if your focus is electrics, acoustics or arch tops, the power of choice is now in your hands to more effectively design your training sessions. This makes it easier to customize your curriculum to better fit your business plan.

From the basics to the business, you decide what’s the most practical training format to earn a living. The Galloup team is here to assist you in developing the correct curriculum to achieve your goals.

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Learn From the Best

It has always been Bryan’s policy that in order to be an effective instructor you have to be an active Luthier contributing to the luthier community through research and design or selling instruments in the open market at the highest level.

The Galloup School staff includes some of the most respected, in-demand Luthiers in modern Lutherie. In addition, through research and development, the Galloup team has invented new products. One such innovation is sound analyzing software which can recognize algorithms in instrument design and tone wood. Inventions such as this are molding the future of lutherie.

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Bryan has always had one of the finest guitar shops in the world. Throughout the years the Galloup shop has grown into an 11,000 square foot facility all dedicated to the Galloup School, instrument restorations and of course, custom instrument making.

The shop has been custom designed by Bryan to handle all operations in-house including wood re-sawing, instrument finishing, lectures, digital and media presentations plus CNC/CAD services. As a student you will be exposed to each of these departments for a realistic introduction to Lutherie.

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Your Work Will Speak for Itself

The instruments you build will make a clear statement of the ground you’ve covered in guitar making. They are unique to the Galloup School and no Galloup student carries away work they didn’t accomplish on their own. This is our assurance to both you and to the guitar industry; your finished guitars will make a statement to your commitment to the field and will be a great introduction to your ability as a luthier.

Industry Recognized Career Training

After 35 plus years of operation, graduates of the Galloup School are working in every facet of the business from music stores to guitar manufacturers. There are also many graduates who have gone on to apprentice with some of the world’s most prestigious Master Luthiers.

Still other entrepreneurial minded graduates have successfully opened their own shops or started their own line of guitars.

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Free Housing

About Free Housing

Offered to Master, Journeyman and Technician students. Rest easy – you’ve got a great place to stay.

Financial Options

Veterans Benefits and Financial Assistance

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