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Each program was developed through decades of experience to give you a real world knowledge of lutherie. You will build excellent instruments here in our shop and when you graduate you can say much more than “I made that”, you’ll understand guitar making from the ground up and what it takes to be a professional Luthier.

There has never been a better time to become a Guitar Technician. There are more job opportunities than ever and Galloup graduates are being employed in every aspect of the business,

During the worldwide shutdown, interest in music increased exponentially and guitars were purchased in record numbers and now guitar shops are busier than ever. Subsequently we have seen an increased demand from manufactures like Gibson, supply houses like Sweetwater and even smaller shops like Thompson Guitars looking for Galloup School graduates. So, if you’ve ever thought about pursuing employment as a guitar technician, the job opportunities are definitely there.

Long Term Training Options

We offer four primary long-term training options: Journeyman, Technician, Master and Graduate Classes. For those with time constraints, we offer Enrichment and Short-Term training to better accommodate your schedule.

Supporting Training Options

Enrichment, Graduate and Short-Term Intensives are offered as supplements to our long term training options, however all course options are outstanding ways to advance your lutherie training.

School News

The Galloup School is proud of our contributions to the international guitar making community. In our 2022 spring class alone, we had graduates from five countries and three different continents.

New lessons unique to the Galloup School

We’ve been quiet over the past few months but much has been in the works. Bryan has initiated a complete review of the school’s curriculum and has integrated new topics paving the way for the next chapter at the Galloup School.

New Second Term Acoustic Fingerstyle and Carved Top Electric guitars were designed to support our voicing and tone development classes, These are incredibly powerful tools covering topics all serious guitar makers are looking for. Additionally, Short-Term Fretting and Set Up Classes have been permanently added and Taylor Warrantee Training and Certification programs are a nice addition to round out our Short Term trains options. And lastly, Bryan added Techno Titian CNC and PLEK technology to meet the demands of the growing Galloup shop. In the future, we will collaborate with the PLEK team to add PLEK certified training to our list of Classes and CNC and CAD options are already in the works. 

Graduate and Model Development Programs

Our Graduate Classes have become a popular option that may be used several different ways. You could expand your training to include advanced skills only offered in Graduate Class instruments or you could round out your training by choosing first term models offered in our opposing programs. Additionally, our model development Program is for select students who want to collaborate with our design and CNC department to launch their personal line of custom guitars.

Warranty Training

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Taylor Guitars as the select Lutherie school to offer Silver and Silver Plus Level Warranty Certification training. These short-term training sessions cover the skills required by Taylor Guitars to prepare technicians to become a Taylor Certified Warranty technician. These classes are offered both to current Galloup students and anyone who wants to become Taylor Warranty Certified.

The Galloup School offers Taylor warranty training only. Once the training is complete and a passing grade received, the Galloup School will forward each student’s information to Taylor Guitars. Additionally, students are required to contact the Taylor Warranty Center for final instruction on registering their official Taylor Guitars Warranty Certification. Check Short Term Scheduling for available classes and pricing, -Bryan Galloup-

If you have any questions, please contact us at; or 1-800-278-0089

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