Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes are offered as a supplement to our long-term training options, and are also open to the public.

French Polish: (12 Hours) $250

French polishing is a traditional finishing technique used to hand-apply shellac for a beautiful instrument finish. In this class, you learn the traditional method giveing you the confidence to finish your instruments without the need for complicated spray equipment.

Topics covered: History of french polish – benefits of shellac – mixing shellac – surface preparation – pore filling – bodying – surface leveling – glazing – final rub out – repairs – measuring thickness

Pickup Winding: (7 hours) $300

This seminar gives you the knowledge and skill to confidently handle any basic pickup rewinding job or to hand-wind pickups for your own custom instruments.

Topics covered: Assemblies – double coils – single coils – pick up styles – bobbins – materials – wires – wire gauges – potting – Alnico magnets – Ceramic magnets – hum-canceling – scatter winding – winding methods – out-of-phase – coil tapping – coil splitting – hand winding – pick up assembly

Tube Amp Building Class: (32 total hours) Materials included. $1600

As an addition to electric guitar building, Bryan added tube amp assembly to round out your experience with understanding electric guitar tone. In this two-weekend seminar, not only will you learn how to build a classic wood amp cabinet, you’ll make replica of a 1950’s point-to-point wired tube amp.

Part One: Amp Cabinet Building topics covered: Selecting materials – cabinet layout – jointing techniques – speaker selection – cabinet types – close backs – open backs – routing dovetails – cabinet panels – applying grill coverings – covering vs finishing – assembly and hardware

Part Two: Tube amp assembly topics covered: Reading schematics – Ohm’s law – tube function – signal chain – tube sag – plate voltage – transformer operation – chassis – capacitors and resistors – tubes – potentiometers – soldering – mechanical connections – chassis assembly – amplifier/cabinet assembly – troubleshooting modifications

Inlay Seminar: (6 hours) Materials included – $300

Inlay can be an excellent way to personalize guitars and it’s a great selling tool. You’ll experience an intermediate level project from the beginning stages of layout to the final stages of engraving. A sample drawing project is provided to help you get into drawing your own designs.

Topics covered: History of inlay – inlay as art – famous work – inlay styles – techniques – materials – suppliers – guitar specific techniques – inlay tools – engraving tools – project layout – preparation – saws and cutters – cutting techniques – cavity preparation – epoxies and fillers – installation – cleanup and leveling – final engraving

Tool Sharpening: (6 Hours) Tools not included $250

Tool sharpening is a skill all in its own and too many young luthiers do not know the proper methods for sharpening. For this class, students will need to purchase, a chisel, card scraper, two sharpening stones, burnisher, and a Veritas Mk 2 honing guide.

Topics covered: Theory – safety – tool set up – supplies – scrapers – plain irons – chisels – choosing tools – maintaining sharpening stones – honing guides – flattening stones – primary bevels – micro bevels – back bevels – use and care.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: school@galloupguitars.com.

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