Featured Seminars

Featured Seminars are offered to both Galloup students and the general public. They range from one day guest lectures to four day intesives such as The Northwoods Seminar.

The Northwoods Seminar

2013 Northwoods Seminar

The Northwoods Seminar has proven to be one of the most significant training events in modern Lutherie. The original idea was to bring in guest instructors and offer a four day event in the same setting as the Galloup School but make it open to the public. This format, when coupled with Dan Erlewine’s ability to attract the best instructors on the world has proved to be a winning combination.

The first year for Northwoods was in 1996 and it ended up being a huge success. We had an international base of instructors coming from as far away as Japan and Paracho Mexico. The instructors were world class but one thing to note about the participants who attended our first event, they ended up being some of modern Luthiers most prominent movers and shakers.

Past instructors included; Lindy Fralin – Abel Garcia – Yasuhiko Iwanade – Naoki Ogane – Joe Konkoly – Dan Erlewine – Seymour Duncan – Jeff Traugott – Bryan Galloup – Don MacRostie – Frank Ford – Roger Fritz – Steve Uhrik – Tim Scheerhorn – David Collins – Tim Scheerhorn – Charles Fox – Link Van Cleave – Even Gluck – Michi Matsuda – Doug & Jamie Aulson – Jason Lollar – David Wren – TJ Thompson – Tom Crandall – Tom Ribbecke – Julius Borges – Mike Kemnitzer – Tom Murphy – Chris Herrod – Erick Coleman – Mamie Minch – Jeff Jewitt; – Jim Baggett – Ian Davlin – Tim Frick – Richard Hoover – Eric Coleman – Bob Taylor – Damon Mailand – Gary Brower – Joe Glaser – Paul Heumiller – Dick Boak – Michael Gurian – Rodger Fritz – Bryan Galloup – Sam Guidry.

Past performers; Peter Mulvey – Ralston Bowles – Kinloch Nelson – Fareed Haque – Cristan Galvez – Bill Kerchin – The Duchanes – Paul Asbel –

Master Series Workshops – Bass Guitar

Steve Bailey And Victor Wooten

The Galloup team and Dr. Edward Mallett collaborated to bring Steve and Victor to the Big Rapids area for a two show series and a workshop at Galloup Guitars, a workshop that was free to the Galloup School students.

Master Series Workshops – Custom Guitar Making

Dan Erlewine

In the early 70’s Dan Erlewine built the iconic blues guitarist Albert King a custom left handed “V” that Albert played for the rest of his life. Pictured here you can see Dan giving a workshop discussing the “V” guitar and what the process was like working on such a project.

Bryan and Dan still find ways to stay in touch and work together. A while back, Dan and Bryan decided to re-issue the Flying V and recently Dan came to town to nail down the final details.

In the photo above, several sections of the original wood used in Albert’s Guitar are evident. This wood is being used in the current V Project so nine lucky people will be able to say; “I have a “V” made from the same wood that Albert King’s was made from”.

Master Series Workshops – Jazz Guitar

Fareed Haque

Fareed is a treasure who is as well rounded of a player that you will ever find, in fact, in 2009 he was voted “Best World Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards. He has made time to perform in Big Rapids and his shows have included a Jazz Fusion group from Chicago as well as players from out of the country. Fareed always makes the time to talk with Galloup students about topics from playing to guitar set up. He is certainly a popular guest of the Galloup team and students.

Fareed and Bryan have worked together several times over the past few years collaborating on custom guitar designs that ultimately turned out some spectacular instruments.

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Northwoods Seminar 2000

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