Financial Options

Our Commitment to Affordability

Bryan has always been concerned about the price of training aligned with ability of the student to make a living. If the cost of the training exceeds the ability to make a living and pay back the price of the training, then there is an issue. Bryan’s plan was to offer training with no hidden cost that a person could afford without running up excessive student loan debt. Then he made sure the training was the best in the industry, training that covered the most information so the student had the best opportunity for employment. Finally free housing was added so students did not have the burden of finding and paying for housing.

If you compare the price of training at the Galloup School to other comparable Lutherie training programs where such things as materials, cases, tools and housing are extra, you will find that the Galloup School is more cost effective by 20% or more. Then if you check the curriculum you will see that the Galloup School covers more valuable information in less time making the most of your education dollar.


We’ve always been proud to work with the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation program, but veterans were seeking us out who wanted to attend using their GI Bill/Post 911 benefits so we made it a priority to make that available. Now, we are proud to say, the Galloup School is approved by the Veterans Administration to accept GI Bill/Post 911 benefits. 

The process is quite simple.  Start by going online to the Veterans Administration website to apply for your education benefits. Request a Certificate of Eligibility and while you are waiting, submit the Galloup School application for the term of your choice. For assistance maneuvering the process, contact Jean at the Galloup School.

Private Loans

Banks will assist with private loans.  Interest rates, terms and conditions will vary depending on various factors such as your credit score and any collateral available to secure the loan.  Terms vary and be careful about taking on debt with a variable interest rate.  If there is no collateral, banks offer unsecured loans but the amount of time to pay it back and the interest rate offered will be impacted.  Speak with your local financial institution to see what is available. 

College Plans

Many college plans allow funds to be used at institutions that are not accredited but you will likely incur a penalty so seek advice from a trained professional first.


This takes a lot of tenacity but there are scholarships out there.  When searching, think craftsmanship, instrument making and music to name a few. There are private companies and organizations that offer scholarships too. As long as the Galloup School meets the criteria of the Scholarship and Scholarship Committee, we will accept scholarship funds.