Masters Program – Term 3


CLASS: BUSINESS 1 – The Business Plan – 5 hrs

Time for us to sit down and take a look at how you want to proceed as a luthier after completing the Master Program. There are many things to consider, whether you’re starting your own business or seeking employment. We’ll help you lay out a sound business plan for setting up a shop or finding a position in lutherie.

CLASS: BUSINESS 2 – Shop Layout – 5 hrs

The Galloup School shop is among the best planned, best equipped shops in the country.This attention to shop layout makes it easier to learn and helps you get your work done on schedule. After you graduate and move to your own shop, what you learn in this Shop Layout segment of the program will keep you working efficiently. We discuss how to set up a shop for your current work as well as a shop design that will accommodate your business’s projected growth.

CLASS: BUSINESS 3 – Lacy Act and CITES Treaty – 5 hrs

Its no mystery that the business of guitar making has been affected by rapidly changing restrictions on the import and export of our world’s natural resources. Many woods and shell products have come into question that are staples of traditional guitar making and the modern guitar maker needs to be aware of these restrictions and regulations and how it may affect their business. Bryan is a registered and licensed importer /exporter of musical instruments and related materials, so we can guide you through the complicated restrictions of these international laws.

You Choose the Instrument You’ll Build in Term 3

Choose any one of the instruments below to build in Term 3 of your Master training (not the same instrument you elect to build in Term 2).

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CLASS: VOICING, LEVEL 3 – Applying voicing knowledge in building – 5 hrs

Building on the foundation established in Voicing 1 and 2 through practical application. Setting aside any bias about what is the best tone, the builder’s challenge is creating the conditions that deliver the particular tone needed from a particular guitar.

Topics covered:

  • Review: overview of material testing
  • Applying your measurements
  • The purpose of voicing
  • Brace carving: scalloping, tapering and other carving methods
  • Practical application and demonstration of top voicing
  • Back tuning
  • Measuring the final resonances
  • Tuning body resonances
  • Summary, conclusions

Business Plan: Level Three- 5 hrs

Time to sit down and take a close look at how you intend to proceed as a luthier after completing your training at the Galloup School. There are many things to consider and for some this period can seem daunting. But there are steps you can take that will help in securing employment. In the final Level Three Business Class we will look at these options and how you can be proactive with securing employment.