Four Months (640 Total Hours)

My Journeyman Program is a two session program designed to allow flexibility for the student to best lay out the path of their training. Term One lays the foundation. Term Two sets the course of your training.

If acoustics are your passion, you can move from the Monarch to the Advanced Fingerstyle. If electrics are your interest, making our set neck electric, and then moving on to Level Three Electric Guitar Making would be the path for you.

Either way my Journeyman Program is an ideal four-month session that will solidify the direction of your career.

Tool Packages, Cauls, And Templates

CLASS: TOOLING 1 – Tools, Cauls and Templates – 20 hrs

To be a successful Luthier you’ll need the tools to get the job done. Depending on your business plan one of our packages should fit your needs. Each tool package is custom deigned by Bryan to fit the classes that you take but any student can order any tool package as they see fit. 

  • Technician Tool Package, general set up and repairs
  • Journeyman Tool Package, major repairs and restorations
  • Master tool Package, restoration tool plus heavy machinery

If necessary we will custom-build a package to fit your business plan. For the rest of the program, you will continue to expand your toolbox by acquiring the cauls, jigs and templates necessary to be a successful luthier so you can hit the ground running wherever you set up shop. 

We strongly recommend you take advantage of our services and purchase your tools at this time in the program. Tool package costs vary depending on tool prices at the time of purchase, and shipping charges will be in addition to the costs of tools.

In addition, there are many specialty tools you will need to perform your job that can’t be purchased. You’ll have used many of these school-owned items and have become familiar with them. This is the time to make note of every specialty item used at the Galloup School to create a detailed catalog of what you’ll need once you open your own shop. If needed, our CNC is available for hire to produce all of the jigs and cauls used at the school and they may be customized to your personal instruments design.

CLASS: VOICING, LEVEL 2 – Materials, Measurement, and Data Collection – 10 hrs

Measurement and data collection is at the hart and sole of the instruments voice. Understanding quality materials and collecting the data to develop a path to controlled tone is any serious Luthier’s best bet for consistent results. 

In Level Two Instrument Voicing we will guide you through tone wood selections to help you develop an understanding of what to look for in quality materials to develop your ideal tone. 

Topics covered:

  • Using measurements to select materials
  • The value of quality materials
  • Importance of record keeping
  • New data collection methods
  • Material properties of wood
  • Determining Modulus
  • Dynamic and static determination of
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • How to obtain and measure a tap tone
  • Using an FFT analyzer
  • Speed of sound and quality
  • Thickness sanding to a deflection
  • Setting standards for top plates
  • Tapping pickups

Business Plan: Level Two – 5 hours

Now that you’ve completed Term One of your Journeyman’s Class Training you’ve set into motion your area of interest the instruments you intend to focus on. The next step is to decide what’s the next instrument to further your training and what are the tools you’ll need depending on your business plan.   

Guitar Making: Level One

I designed our HD30 electric guitar and S22 electric bass specifically for teaching my Electric Guitar Making Level One training session. The lessons covered are some of the most important everyday topics that will come across your workbench. Along with basic electronics, assembly and set-up skills, you will get your first introduction to spraying, wet sanding and buffing guitars style finishes.

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