Luthiers Connection

For over 30 years Bryan has offered his services to Galloup School graduates and other Luthiers around the world. Today Galloup Studios has expanded its selection offering a variety of specialty items including Bryan’s Sonically Rated tone woods for those wanting guaranteed excellence in their musical instrument building materials.

Lutherie Supplies

Radius Sanding and Bracing Dishes

15′ Radius Dish

20′ Radius Dish

28’Radius Dish

40′ Radius Dish

63′ Radius Dish

Custom Dishes

Custom CNC

Custom fretboards and overlays

School Merchandise

Galloup Guitars T-Shirt

Galloup Guitars Hoodie

Galloup Guitars Twill Cap

Galloup Guitars Crewneck

Galloup School T-Shirt

Galloup School Hoodie

Galloup School Twill Cap

Galloup School Crewneck

Sonic Tone Woods

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Sound Boards

Bryan’s sonically rated tone wood system was developed through decades of testing and application that provides a reliable marker for controlling applications of musical tonewoods and other building materials.

The data that generates our sonic rating is generated through our Instrument Making Software that ties the ratings to reliable scientific results. Furthermore this system provides our application and stiffness values that matches our sound boards to players preferences and musical styles.

Call for availability, rating and pricing.

Return Policy

All tone woods are back by a 5 day money back inspection period and jigs, fixtures and templates are backed by a 30 day money guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, you may return the item for a full refund of the purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to broken, damaged or altered products. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees.