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We are much more than your average job shop. We make the finest quality products for the world’s most demanding Luthiers. Additionally, we offer quality jigs, and fixtures including OEM and replacement parts for the guitar making community. In addition, we assist Galloup School graduates in custom designing products for their personal guitar lines. Furthermore, we offer tone woods analytics for Luthiers wanting structurally sound examples of the finest quality musical grade materials.

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Galloup Wood Management System

Sound Systems for Tone Woods

Bryan’s Tone Wood Library is one of the most prestigious private collections in the world that is the results of his proprietary dynamic testing system for rating musical grade tone woods. The Galloup Wood Management software generates the Galloup Rating™ that guarantees tonal control and structural reliability.

How the rating system works

It is not a base 10 rating system; some tone woods like Ebony rate between 3.0 and 3.5. Other woods like Balsa and Paulownia rate around 14.0 or above. Of course this seems logical when weight and strength are taken into account, but the system goes much deeper. Now in it’s fifth generation of development, with hundreds of instruments to back its theories, the Galloup Rating is far stronger than the calculation of “Q” or any single numerical code. It’s beauty is, we dynamically identify characteristics in tone woods to isolate their sonic value and structural integrity. Furthermore, we offer application and stiffness values for calculating thicknesses in real-time. The bottom line is, science is a powerful tool and the Galloup System is the most advanced system in tone wood science.

Galloup Rated sound boards are available to Galloup School graduates and are used for Bryan’s Tone Development classes. The tone wood rating service is offered not only to our Luthier friends, we now offer this service to anyone in the Luthier community. For more information contact us at: or 1-800-278-0089

Custom Guitar Supplies

Our shop has a well-established history making custom parts for some of the world’s premier Luthiers. Additionally, we assist guitar makers with producing general supplies and custom designed products for those establishing new brands. 

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General Supplies

Radius Sanding and Bracing Dishes

High Density Polyethylene
Medium Density Fiberboard

15′ Radius Dish 24″ diameter

20′ Radius Dish 24″ diameter

28’Radius Dish 24″ diameter

40′ Radius Dish 24″ diameter

63′ Radius Dish 24″ diameter

Custom Dishes

Vintage Replacement Parts

Nazareth Style Neck

Wide long scale

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Nazareth Style Neck

Wide Short Scale

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Nazareth Style Neck

Narrow long scale

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Nazareth Style Neck

Narrow long scale

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Custom Made Parts

Custom Overlays

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Custom Fret Boards

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Custom Bridges

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School Merchandise

Return Policy

All tone woods are backed by a 5-day money back inspection period. Jigs, fixtures, and templates are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, you may return the item for a full refund of the purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to broken, damaged or altered products. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 1-800-278-0089

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