Dan and Bryan

Our Repair Service dates back to 1967, when Dan Erlewine founded the The Guitar Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Not only was Dan the local repair person. He built guitars for prominent players such as Albert King, Jerry Garcia, and Otis Rush to name a few.

Dan moved to Big Rapids and eventually met Bryan, who accepted a position with Dan that lasted until 1986. Once Dan moved on to Stewart MacDonald, Bryan became owner and continued offering quality repairs specializing in Gibson, Martin and Fender guitar restorations.

In 1989, Bryan re-branded his shop as Galloup Guitars and opened the Galloup School of Lutherie. Today their friendship continues as they collaborate offering ideas and products for the Lutherie community.

Repairs and Restorations

For over forty years, our shop has offered quality guitar restorations ranging from vintage correct electric guitar refinishes to restorations on vintage acoustic guitars. For some of the toughest cases, Bryan developed new techniques which have since become widely used throughout the industry. In the early 80’s, Bryan helped develop new techniques for fretting new and used instruments. One tool, the Neck Jig that adjusts the guitar into the playing position offered a more accurate approach taking gravity into consideration. Today the neck jig has become a staple in guitars shops as a premier approach for fretting guitars. From neck reseting to fire damaged restorations, the team at Galloup Guitars are an industry leader. For more information contact Andy at: or call 1-800-278-0089.


The team added new systems to the Galloup shop including a Techno Titian CNC and PLEK technology. Our CNC enables us to reproduce vintage replacement parts with incredible accuracy and make OEM products for our Luthiers Connection outlet store. PLEK on the other hand has proven its self as an industry standard for better playing fretted instruments. For more information about our CNC and PLEK departments, please give us a call to schedule an appointment or contact Tom at:

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or or call 1-800-278-0089

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