Research and Development

Instrument Voicing

The Galloup team has laid the foundation for exciting new instrument voicing techniques that are sought after by custom builders and manufacturers alike. These innovations utilize our proprietary custom computer software to effectively achieve better sounding more stable instruments. This is the holy grail for any luthier and the Galloup Team has set the pace for an entire generation of luthiers to follow.

Sustainable Lutherie

The Lacey Act and the CITES Treaty have made a huge impact on the guitar marketplace. The open trade of once-living organic materials is monitored closer than ever before; and with good reason. Our natural resources need to be protected, not only for future generations, but for the trade of lutherie itself.

The Galloup team is currently researching new approaches in developing sustainable resources for musical instrument making and the musical instrument trade. One key factor is the Galloup Wood Management System that analyzes tone wood through computer software to generate data to help us resource alternative tone woods for Lutherie.

Designs and Embellishments

The art of guitar making has captured the imagination of luthiers and guitar enthusiasts for centuries. Detailed wood marquetry of baroque-era instruments and pearl work from the turn of the last century have become staples in the lutherie trade. With the introduction of computer-controlled routers and advanced design software into the shop, Bryan started the Alternative Embellishment Project, which combines exciting modern materials with a new vision of how to approach centuries-old techniques to deliver pieces of functional art.