Pickup Winding Seminar – 8 hrs

This seminar gives you the knowledge and skill to confidently handle any basic pickup rewinding job, and to hand-wind pickups for your own custom instruments. As part of this course, you’ll wind your own humbucking pickup.

“Really understanding how pickups work gives you an edge in building custom electrics and doing pickup repairs.” - Bryan Galloup

One day (8 hours) of class time. $225

Topics covered:

  • Assemblies
  • Double coils
  • Single coils
  • Guitar pickup styles
  • Bass pickup styles
  • Bobbins
  • Pickup assemblies
  • Materials
  • Types of wire
  • Wire gauges
  • Alnico magnets
  • Ceramic magnets
  • Hum canceling function
  • Scatter winding
  • Pickup winding methods
  • Out-of-phase wiring
  • Wiring a coil tap
  • Wiring a split coil
  • Hand winding machines
  • Pickup assembly techniques
  • Wax potting